‘The Art of Rambling’

Sarah’s essay ‘The Art of Rambling: Journeys through Space and Time with Mary Kingsley, Rose Macaulay, Ursula Le Guin, Naomi Mitchison and Octavia Butler’, adapted from her keynote speech for the University of Silesia’s conference A Suitcase of Her Own: Women and Travel, has now been published in the conference collection in the journal Postscriptum Polonistyczne. You can read it here: 


Image by Valery Milovic, https://brokentoyland.com/

2 thoughts on “‘The Art of Rambling’

    1. sarahlef Post author

      The link takes you to the contents page (in Polish) and in the second box down, where you’ll see the title of the essay and my name, there’s a little box that offers an English pdf. The first page of that is in Polish, but persevere to the second page – that’s where the essay starts – in English! Sorry for the complicated route to get to it!



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