Photos from Mozambique

Casa Samora, Xilembene
L to R: Malangatana Ngwenya, Orlando Machel, Sarah LeFanu, Jossefate Machel, Matosse
Tree under which Samora’s mother pounded maize for the evening meal
Baobab sapling, marking the site of Samora’s birth, planted by President Joaquim Chissano on the tenth anniversary of Samora’s death, 19 October 1996.
Casa Samora, Xilembene
Orlando Machel and Jossefate Machel hold a photo portrait of their, and Samora’s, father, Mandhande Moises Machel.
Mbuzini, South Africa
Memorial by Jose Forjaz to the thirty five people killed on 19 October 1986
Mbuzini museum
Wedding photo of Samora Machel and Josina Muthemba
Maputo Botanical Garden
Author arranging interviews
Author with Malangatana in his studio
Litunde, Niassa
Here lies Portuguese colonialism – 25.6.75
Author at Matchedje, Niassa, 1978
Site of Frelimo Second Congress, July 1968
Author in 1978, Rua Obras Publicas, Lichinga, Niassa.
Ferry across the Zambezi, with water hyacinths 1979